Gionee A1 detailed specifications General 

Realeased date ——February 2017

Form factor ——Touch screen 

Dimensions  (mm)–154.50×76.50×8.30


Battery  capacity —-4010

Removable battery —–No


SAR value———–NA 

Screen size——-5.50

Touch screen——-Yes



Processor—-2GHz octa-core

Processor make–media Tek Hello plo  MT6755


Internal storage—-64GB 

Expandable storage——yes

Expandable storage type–MicroSD 

Expandable storage up to camera- 2GB 

Rear camera—–1-3megapixel 


Front camera—-16-megapixel 

Operating system—-Android 7.0

Skin——–Amigo 4.0


Wifi standards supportive—-NA






Head phone—-3.5mm 


Number of SIMS—-2

Sim Type——NanoSIM 




Supports 4G in India—-yes 

Sim Type—–Micro-SIM




Supports 4G in India—–Yes


Proximity sensor——-Yes


Ambient light sensor——-Yes



Temperature sensor——No


Comedy drama.                                                   

Mr Zulu & Mirriam on WhatsApp:*_
*Mr zulu :* Hi dear.

*Mirriam :* ✋

*Mr  Zulu :* How are you .??

*Mirriam :* 😊👍

*Mr Zulu :* Missing me..?

*Mirriam:* 😜😉

*Mr Zulu :* I’m not feeling well…

*Mirriam:* 😱

*Mr Zulu :* How was your day..?

*Mirriam :* 👌

*Mr Zulu:* Are you busy.??

*Mirriam :* ✔

*Mr Zulu :* Why ?? What are you doing ??

Mirriam:* 💄💅

*Mr Zulu :* Is there anyone near you..?

*Mirriam :* ❌

*Mr Zulu :* Why don’t you reply in words? Why are you using smiley faces? 

Mirriam:*- 😥😡

*Mr Zulu:* I heard you failed in English?

*Merriam:* Who telled you ? It is unpossible.. I went to saw the resalt yestathey… I Passed away all my educations

*Mr Zulu :* Hmmm lets go back to smileys n stickers pls 😳😳😳

*Merriam:*- ok dear, God blast u.
😂😂😂😂😂 don’t laugh alone


Success they say is very sweet but before you get success you have to go through determination,hard work,positive acting,positive thinking.Success is not final ,failure isn’t fatal ,it is the  courage to continue that counts,most people hope to be successful but they lay on their beds praying to God for success ,is it possible that success would come like that?No,if you want to be successful the first thing you need is determination ,you have to be determined ,then after is hard work,through hard work you have to burn the mid-night oil .There is no secrets to success ,it is the result of preparation ,hard work and learning from failure .If you want to have success never give up ,Thomas Edison tried 999 times to make a bulb and he didn’t give up .One thing to know is that hard work comes before enjoyment.”It is stupid to be shameful of what is gainful”.I still remember when my dad always says this every night before I sleep” He who knows not,and knows that he knows not is a fool,shun him.He who knows not ,and knows that he knows not is a child ,teach him .He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep ,wake him.He who knows and knows that he knows is wise ,follow him.So many people dream of success ,while others get up every morning and make it happen .Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life it’s about what you inspire others  to do

There are nine things that successful people do differently;

  1. They don’t worry about other people’s opinion 
  2. They don’t follow others
  3. They are not easily distracted
  4. They don’t waste energy feeling upset about things they can’t control 
  5. They don’t let the negativity and criticism stop them 
  6. They don’t focus on impressing people 
  7. They don’t let the fear of failure hold them back from trying 
  8. They don’t give up after failure 
  9. They don’t make the same mistakes.                                             A goal without a plan is just a wish,in order to succeed we must first believe that we can .Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm .Success is a journey not a destination,The doing is often then more important than the outcome .I never dreamed of success I worked for it ,kill thme with success and Bury them with a smile Thanks I still remain sophia

True friends

friends that love you always know when you are happy and sad ,the less you associate with some people the more your your life will improve ,Never make someone your piority when you are only an option to them,with some friends you spend an evening with others you invest it,if you run with wolf’s you would learn how to roar but if you flow with eagles you obtain a great height ,in prosperity you know your friends but in advancity your friends know your friends you ,don’t follow anyone that is not going any where,a mirror reflects a man’s face but what is shown by the friends he chooses ,never trust anyone no matter who he/she is to you ,I love this quote which says “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.some friends who you think loves you are the ones planning for your downfall,like my mother would say don’t follow bad friends that word runs through all teenagers head’s .one thing to note is never collect counsel from unproductive people,never tell your problem to someone who is incapable of contriving to a solution . One thing of life is pray you make the right friends . Thanks I will always remain Sophia.